Title : Redemption Song
Artist : Bob Marley
Year : 1980
Album : Uprising
Style : Reggae

How could we make a music blog without mention the King of Reggae: BOB MARLEY! To pay a tribute to this amazing singer, I choose the nice “Redemption Song”.
The music is played by Bob Marley, alone without his famous band The Wailers, only with an acoustic guitar and his wonderful voice. Redemption song remains until today my favourite Bob’s song! We can clearly see his deep interest and concern about freedom, through this powerful, yet sensitive song
It was released in 1980, about a year before his death. At this time, his cancer was already diagnosed, he knew he would die soon. This terrible fact makes the song sadder and contribute, I think, to the legend status of Bob Marley: Even a minute before his death, he continued his fight for freedom and tolerance. He was totally devoted to his cause.
As he said: “The people who are trying to make his world worth are not taking a day off, why should I? Light up the darkness!” (quotation of Bob Marley from I am legend).

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I like hearing the noise of the rain while I'm in a warm house and I love sitting in my garden and listening bob marley's song in summer in the late evening when the sun is setting

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