Title : Večeras je naša fešta
Artist : Tomislav Ivčić
Year : 1985
Album : Veсeras je naša fešta
Style : Music from all over the world

Hi everyone !! Today I would like to speak about my culture, as you can see in my name (Matthieu Dražić) I have croatian origins, in fact my father was born in croatia. That’s why I was really eager to present you this beautiful song : Večeras je naša fešta.
Before reading my post I highly recommend you to listen to this music !

Now we can begin to get to the heart of the matter and start to speak about the song.
In fact the title has a really simple meaning, « Today is your party ». With the title as your only clue you can already guess that it’s a joyful song ! Indeed the first time I heard this music I was in Kali’s party (a small village party) on a small island, and everybody around me was singing this song with a smile from hear to hear, what an exotic and pleasant atmosphere !
If we try to focus on the lyrics of Veсeras je naša fešta we will see that it is written in the same way of thinking than the title, to summarize tomislav is singing that all villages have a « party » and for this one the music could be heard from far away. Finally he praises wine and bear and says that someone who doesn’t like this is not a Dalmatian. So the lyrics are really simple but it really draws a parallel with croatian way of thinking and that’s why I’m fond of this song.

To sum up, this song reminds me this beautiful country and the lovely croatians, I hope it will help you to travel during the time of the song and maybe one day you will have the opportunity to go there.

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This was a very cool article Matthieu! Thank's for sharing your culture =)


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