Title : Eye of The Tiger
Artist : Survivor
Year : 1982
Album : Eye of The Tiger
Style : Rock

This song was created to be the theme song for “Rocky III” and it’s lyrics are based on what is happening in the film. If someone has the “Eye of the Tiger” it means that he is very confident, fierce as a tiger.

What a lively song ! It tells the story of a man who just went out of jail and now wants to have a second chance. He insists on the fact that he is “just” a man, and he can make mistakes in his life. To survive, you must be very brave or you will be killed. During each verse, the singer is more and more confident, at the beginning he is “back on the streets” then he goes “straight to the top”.

This song is all about fear and self-confidence. The singer gives us a message of hope in this song; It is a very inspirational song. It is saying that you never have to give up even if you believe you can’t do it.

And you, what do you think about it ? Did you like it ? Tell me in the comments !

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Beautiful chanson for the combat de boxe !


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