Loïc Boursin

Backend Software Engineer at Gens de Confiance

Multicompetence profile

In parallel to my studies in computer science, I developed an interest to the commercial side. Moreover, I am able to do video editing.

Language friendly

I own the First Certificate of Cambridge (CERCL B2), and I try to make my linguistic level better each day by translating content or watching english videos.

Writing skills

I can speak and write without mistakes. Careful rereading is part of my routine when writing something.

Social media influence

I create content on the platform Quora, in particular by translating english posts. Currently, I generated more than 50 million views on this platform.

Coding skills

Creating big things from small things

Python, Java

Major projects

The best I can show you


I created a web application allowing people living in Nantes, France to access in an easy and fast way to the schedule of public transportation.

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loicboursin.fr - 2020 version

Creation of my new website that you are currently visiting, featuring: multilingual pages, a blog, a member area, a modular CV page, and much more!

They're talking about me!

A video and two newspaper articles showing part of my background. Click on the animation to see them.