Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Title : Billie Jean
Artist : Michael Jackson
Year : 1983
Album : Thriller
Style : Pop

How can we have a category about pop music without speaking about the king of the pop ? So here we are ! What a famous singer, even for the young people this name has a certain meaning, we can say that he left his mark on Earth and in our heart.
Billie jean ! I must admit that when I was young I have tried so many times to do the famous “moonwalk” on this energic song, it was one of my favorite song, and I think it is still one.
Fun fact do you know that michael jackson have done his first moonwalk on this song, a singer who has his own dancing step ? Unbelievable what an amazing dancer too !!

Michael jackson used to be in a group with his brother : “the maroon five” and they used to receive lot of letters in which some fans were saying that one of the maroon five was the father of their child. That’s why michael jackson wrote billie jean. The lyrics tells us the story of a girl called billie jean who is saying that the king of the pop is her child’s father, but he denied this by saying :”But the kid is not my son”.
I think this song and michael jackson are a source of inspiration for many dancers and singers and now a lot of people want to be the king of the pop too !
What about you ? :)

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