AIR ON THE G STRING - Johann Sebastian Bach

Title : Redemption Song
Artist : Johann Sebastian Bach
Century : 18th
Style : Classical music

I’m fond of a lot of music style as you may have seen (or will see) in this blog. Rock, Reggae, Movies Soundtrack, and now Classical music.
Nowadays, classical music is too often depreciate by people. It has become “strange” to listen it for some people and too few is diffused on the main radio. I believe this is a huge, an enormous error. Listen the “Air” of Bach, look me in the eyes and tell me that classical music doesn’t earn a good place in our musical culture !

I could speak about “Clair de lune” of Debussy, about “Moonlight Sonata” of Beethoven but my favourite is, and I think will always be, “Air on the G String”. This music incredibly relaxing, even more so than Interstellar soundtracks. I’m listening to it over and over again while I’m writing, and this is everytime an enjoyment. This is not the kind of music that can surprise you by using strange or unusual chords and melody.”Air” is not really surprising , it’s just … Nice !! Even if you know and memorise every variation, you still enjoy the music

I find the beginning amazing. It start with a single note holding in few second by the main violin while the cellos are marking the beat in descending tones. And at one time, the violin start his melody with calm, sensibility and always an amazing majestic touch. The listener is immediately caught by the melody as if this violin was telling a captivating story. Everything else disappear for a moment. Here is the power of Bach.

In the same style you may also listen “Adagio” (also a composition of Bach ). This one is a bit sadder but so beautiful !

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I like hearing the noise of the rain while I'm in a warm house and I love sitting in my garden and listening bob marley's song in summer in the late evening when the sun is setting

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