Title : Interstellar
Artist : Hans Zimmer
Year : 2014
Album : Interstellar
Style : Movie Soundtrack

If this blog were about movies and cinema, the first film I would talk about the Amazing Interstellar. This Christopher Nolan’s movie is so exciting. Because of the scenario, the special effects and the actors but also, and essentially because of the soundtrack.
Realised by the huge Hans Zimmer, this music is incredible!! They can totally transcribe the emotional state of the movie. Every time you are listening it, closing your eyes is enough to feel the space atmosphere. The violin makes you instantly relax and bring a piece of mystery, reflecting the huge amount of interrogation we still have about space while the organ, both powerful and appeased, give majesty to the music. Hans Zimmer succeed brilliantly in integer every paradoxical aspect that makes Space so fascinating in interstellar soundtrack.
Space is huge, infinite but so empty.
Space is mysterious and so dark but sometimes incredibly luminous.
Space is powerful and violent but always majestic.
Space is uncontrollable but steady and predictable.
Space is all around us but so unreachable.

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