Title : Thunderstruck
Artist : AC-DC
Year : 1990
Album : Razors Edge
Style : Hard Rock

Oh yeah! What an amazing song! Every time I’m listening it, I feel a fascinating energy. If you’ve never heard it, please! Oh please! Stop everything now and go on Youtube to discover what ROCK really is!! (and come back here after :))
That’s OK? Can I continue?

Ok! Did you the incredible rush of adrenalin this song create in you? The frequency of your heart increasing? Here is the amazing power of AC-DC, the famous group of Hard Rock Australian and American. The composition of the band has often changed throughout the years. In 1990, when they created Thunderstruck, AC-DC was composed of the brothers Angus and Malcolm Young (guitarists), the singer Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams playing bass and Chris Slade to the drum.

The single is the first song of the album Razors Edge. And it has, in my mind, the best electric guitar music of all Time. It was in part written by Angus Young. You’ll always stay in my heart Angus!

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