CLOCKS - Coldplay

Title : CLOCKS
Artist : Coldplay
Year : 2002
Album : A Rush of Blood to the Head
Style : Pop

This song was released in March 2003. It is mainly composed of a piano riff, which makes it so much satisfying to listen ! For those who doesn’t know, a riff is a “short musical pattern that's repeated and forms the foundation of a song” According to

The lyrics tells us about the difficulties in his life, which made him lost his hope. Then, the singer told us that he regrets his past mistakes. We can feel nostalgia in the first paragraph, maybe about an old relationship.
He believes that what brought his relationship to an end is confusions. In the second paragraph, the singer is thinking about whether his decisions had made things worse or better.
You can find the full lyrics here :

Overall, I think that song makes us reflexing about passing time, the decisions that we made are from the past and we have to move forward in our lives.

Mainly composed of a succession of 3 musical notes, this song suggests an uneasy passage of time. That’s why I like to listen to this song in bad moments, so it helps me to feel happier :)

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