EVERYTHING - Lifehouse

Artist : Lifehouse
Year : 2000
Album : No Name Face
Style : Rock

Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite band of music : Lifehouse. I would like to focus on Everything, I mean not everything, but Everything the song… Anyway. This song was written in 2000 and is considered as a Rock music.
Firstly, I must admit Everything is a love story (as lots of song you would say). However I find this one different and I really want to explain you why.

On the one hand we are going to focus on the lyrics.
Jason Wade (the singer) is using some kind of stylistic devices to qualify his lovely girl : She is his strength, his hope, his light, his purpose; And his EVERYTHING.
The last word is for me the most important, « everything » , firstly because it is the title of this song and secondly because Jason Wade has found an unique word to express all his feelings, and maybe he doesn’t have a way to express them except to sum up with « everything ».
On the Chord we can hear that he can’t be with her without being moved by her which is a lovely illustration for a love song.

On the other hand we will speak about the instrumental part of the song.
We can easily find the lyrics beautiful but at the end the « emotional atmosphere » is really created by the « explosion of the song » when Jason Wade starts to sing louder and when all the instruments are in a flight of music, I find this moment really beautiful. And for me the emotions are mostly created by this.

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