Bella Ciao !

Title : Bella Ciao
Artist : Various Artits
Year : 1944
Album : Undefined
Style : Engaged Music

Hello everybody ! Very happy to meet you to analyze a new music! I'm sorry for the break, it was a long time since I had not published! Today I am in a revolution mood, not to comply, to follow the revolt! You have certainly understood that this song belongs to the theme of world music. We will dissect Bella Ciao, a revolutionary song of our friends of warm blood Italian.
First, the song begins sadly with goodbyes. She's pretty sad throughout the song. Depending on the musical interpretation, the air may be more or less joyful. In the first verse, the revolutionary speaks to his love to say goodbye, for no apparent reason. It's pretty brutal to start.
In the second verse, we now know what is the reason for his departure. The enemies, the invaders are there. He seems to feel lost, and addresses to his partisan friends as well as his darling.
In a context of World War II, the third verse demonstrates the will and even the anger of the women and men who lead the revolution, ready to die. We can also see the strong Italian links. Indeed, the partisan says a simple goodbye, while expecting to die, which shows that nothing, even death, can separate him from his close friends or family.
In the fourth verse, the partisan evokes again the death, central question of this song. He wants to be buried on top of a mountain, probably the Alps, where the revolution took root and where the resistants can hide.
In each of the verses, we can see that the resistant specifies his ideas from above. For example, in the following verse, he says he wants to be buried under the shade of a flower. It demonstrates that resisters have no sense of greatness, they do not feel more important than other people or nature, unlike the Nazis or fascits they fight.
Then the resistant evokes the memory of the fight he was leading. Still in the shadow of the flower, passersby will say "what a beautiful flower", free people and a dead for freedom.
This flower is the flower of the partisan, dead for freedom!
He concludes with these powerful words, without comment.
This song is symbolic throughout the world, and has been performed by whole peoples or singers. My favorite cover is Goran Bregovitch's because it is dynamic and inspiring, the melody and the instruments are against the sadness of the lyrics.
Thank you all for being so many to follow us, do not hesitate to send us lots of returns like last time! I wish you an excellent continuation and tell you see you soon!

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I'm Valentin, 18, I come from Bordeaux. My passion ? Skiing and music. I perform with my band TRP with creation and cover, and I like to share my ideas about other songs and artists.

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    Cet article est vraiment très intéressant ! Il décrit avec précision tout ce que j'apprécie, quelle bonté d'avoir écrit tout cela :) Merci pour tout, Loïc.


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