CAR RADIO - Twenty One Pilots

Title : Car Radio
Artist : Twenty One Pilots
Year : 2011
Album : Regional at Best
Style : Alternative Rock

Hello dear readers ! I am very happy today because I am going to talk with you about one of my favourite modern song ! I will present the song Car Radio by Twenty-one pilots. This music has been released in 2011, and their interpreters have enjoyed a margin of success since. In this song, the singer and songwriter Tyler Joseph transcribes a madness caused by an absence of music, a disappearance of music. We can feel that it is one of the most terrible thing that may happen to Joseph.
He transmits this idea through his car radio. He explains that without his radio, he has no hiding place to be alone and that he cannot express his feelings freely. He can’t scream when and what he wants. I find that idea interesting because it reflects the current society beyond the music alone. The reality seems more difficult to face. And with the idea that society is represented by music, the latter could therefore symbolize a dead person who is no longer in our life. For me this music is very inspiring because it describes in a very beautiful and sad way the problems that each person knows one day in his life.

We can feel this lyrics and song in three or more different levels.
- In my opinion, the first level, the « car radio level », represents maybe a minor problem, because it’s embarrassing but you can buy another, like little material lost.
- The second level for me is the « without music level ». It represents a medium loose, also very embarrassing or sad. An entity important for a person, like a refuge, wich disappeared can hurt the heart.
- Finally in my opinion, the last level is the lost of entity which is the most important thing in our life. At the end of the song, after the drop, Joseph screams « And now I just sit in silence ». The contrast between what he says and does, illustrates his final hope. Before, for little or medium problem, he said that he can’t scream but now he has to scream to kick his demons outside. Moreover, what I find exceptional in this music is the mixture of genre, moving from slam to hard always on the same melody.

It was cool to talk with you about this amazing song, you can give me your opinion in the comment, see you soon for a new post ! Have a nice day !

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