BLEEDING OUT - Imagine Dragons

Title : Bleeding Out
Artist : Imagine Dragons
Year : 2012
Album : Night Vision
Style : Alternative Rock

Hi ! I hope that you are fine today ! For my part I’m very happy to meet you to talk about a new song that is important to me. I would like to talk about Bleeding Out from Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons is a band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Their world-famous songs are inspiring and epic.
In Bleeding Out we can hear in the introduction some kind of bells. These bells alludes to the forest and set a scene between glaucosity and sadness, two key words of this song. To accompany the melody of the bell, guitars repeat three simple chords.
The chorus is the first thing Dan Reynolds sings. These words are violent and he seems to make some kind of promise to someone important to him, at least more important than his own life.
In the first verse, the singer describes a nature that seems to be stopped. Time is running out, yet "everything is screaming". This contrast may show a loss of orientation.
In the pre-chorus, several questions are asked. And you tell me to hold on? We do not know if he is speaking to the same person, it may be a cry of despair.
During the second verse, the cries are clarified. These are now the lamentations of the wolves. He also says clearly in this verse that "hopelessness is sinking in", which was implied before. In addition, he speaks of scarecrow in the darkness. But a scarecrow is made to frighten but what is more frightening than the darkness themselves?
This song is very strong because Bleeding Out also means death by too much loss of blood. One can feel through these words promises in the air of despair, which will be heard only by himself for no other purpose than to do his Mea Culpa.
What I like in this song is the dark atmosphere in which it immerses us. Whether with antitheses, comparisons or the scenery itself, each word is well chosen and resounds with the melody.
Thank you for once again being faithful to this blog, I hope to see you again very soon to talk music with people as interesting as you. Have a nice day !

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